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After more than 20 years working in unison with the residents of East Garfield Park, Breakthrough’s “people first” focus has helped unify the community. With experts in workforce development, violence prevention, education and more, our work and service has benefitted from the leadership that drives our teams and staff on the front lines doing the work.
Our Vision Shapers series highlights expertise from Breakthrough leadership on issues impacting our community and work.

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Heroes on the Frontlines Breakthrough East Garfield Park Chicago

During the outbreak of COVID-19, Breakthrough has remained committed to serving the most vulnerable. These are the stories of the frontline staff who are responding to the needs of individuals in East Garfield Park.

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Chicago Icons Local Legends Garfield Park Breakthrough FamilyPlex

Blending art, sports, history, and culture, the Chicago Icons and Local Legends exhibit celebrates the impact of teachers and students, political leaders and local residents, elite athletes and youth coaches. Further, it serves as a reminder that we are not an athlete OR artist, leader OR follower, coach OR player, teacher OR student. Like these individuals, we have the capability to be BOTH.

The Garfield Park community has a rich history. One that has seen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in its pulpits, Isiah Thomas in its school desks, Nettie Bailey at its blackboards, and Tim Hall on its fields. We welcome you to explore the exhibit, to discover the history of our community, and to learn about the individuals who have left a lasting impact.

Chicago Icons, Local Legends
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Beginning with one cup of coffee served to someone in need, over the past 25 Breakthrough has partnered with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills and open doors of opportunity.
Our 25 Years series highlights some of the impactful stories from our 25 years of service to Chicago and East Garfield Park.

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