We envision a thriving Garfield Park

As our community experiences disparities in education, health, and wealth, Breakthrough is committed to listening to the needs of residents and responding intentionally in partnership with advocates like you.

Together, we are working toward a bold vision of a thriving Garfield Park so everyone is safe and has a place to call home, students are well and prepared for the next level, no one is hungry, and wealth is built.

We invite you to be a part of this vision for Garfield Park.

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Breakthrough partners with people to build connections, develop skills and open doors of opportunity.


We envision a safe, stable, engaged Garfield Park where success is the norm and everyone thrives.


God  •  People  •  Restoration  •  Joy  •  Collaboration  •  Racial Justice  •  Structure

Our Strategy

We have a comprehensive plan for the next five years to make our vision a reality.


We will grow programs to meet the needs of residents across the areas of housing, education, violence prevention, health and wellness, economic opportunity, and spiritual formation. Under this goal we will:

  • Build a 14-unit family housing facility
  • Expand to serve “opportunity youth” across youth, health, and violence prevention programs
  • Grow and mature programs in Economic Opportunity, including small business development and housing education and assistance
  • Re-imagine our approach to Spiritual Formation
  • Launch an infant and toddler program, targeting an underserved population
  • Grow anti-violence efforts to support all forms of structural violence
  • Provide access to community health through partnerships


We will partner with our community to identify and advocate for systems of equity. Community residents, staff, donors, volunteers, and allies will be developed, resourced, and activated to do the work of advocacy.

  • Support community in utilizing voice for system change
  • Build understanding and awareness of focus area issues
  • Create opportunities for action


To sustain growth and expansion, we will invest in infrastructure and a well-equipped staff. To this end we will:

  • Invest in our infrastructure through increased capacity and effectiveness across HR, IT, finance, fundraising, volunteer engagement, and communication
  • Determine the next generation organization structure of Breakthrough
  • Create a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan


We will deepen partnerships in adjacent communities and expand services where requested.

  • Build upon relationships with local organizations and elected officials
  • Continue documentation of new programs for replication
  • Go where invited


Some highlights from the last year – read more in our annual report

of exiting Beginners preschool students are kindergarten ready


total pounds of food distributed

of supportive housing participants remained housed for the entire year


people served by our Violence Prevention team

61% of participants in career readiness workshops were placed in employment

Our Impact in the Community

Breakthrough Focus Areas icons 2022 Education & Youth Development

All youth experience safe connections & community, make healthy choices, become motivated learners, pursue their academic interests, and explore viable paths to adulthood

Breakthrough Focus Areas icons 2022 Economic Opportunity

People have financial independence and can build generational wealth in Garfield Park

Breakthrough Focus Areas icons 2022 Housing

People experience an increase in housing stability by engaging in a housing pipeline from shelter to home ownership

Breakthrough Focus Areas icons 2022 Health & Wellness

People improve their physical and mental health while adopting healthy and productive lifestyle habits, and have longer lives

Breakthrough Focus Areas icons 2022 Violence Prevention

People experience fewer incidents of violence in their lives, heal from trauma, are restored to their community, and increase their feelings of safety

Breakthrough Focus Areas icons 2022 Spiritual Formation

People connected to Breakthrough grow in their faith and increase the tangible experience and demonstration of God’s love


Community Integration | 2022 Annual Benefit

Family Housing | 2022 Annual Benefit

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