Tanya and her 15-year-old daughter, Mariam*, became homeless last summer. Tanya had lost her job and their apartment, both at the same time.

Tanya and Mariam were forced to move into a shelter. After months of searching, with no hope of finding an apartment in sight, a friend told Tanya about Breakthrough.

Tanya is an optimist at heart. She’s also willing to do anything to keep her daughter safe. Hurriedly, she came to Breakthrough with hope for help.

“My daughter thought Breakthrough wasn’t going to be able to help us, that it was just another empty promise and we’d be stuck in the shelter for another summer,” Tanya said.

But within just a few weeks, Breakthrough was able to secure a safe, affordable apartment for Tanya and Mariam.

It’s because of donors like you that Tanya and Mariam are safe and housed.

They have a home again. Tanya is working again. And they’ve got three months rent paid in full.

“I wanted to give my daughter a normal summer,” Tanya said. “It feels so surreal that I don’t have to worry about her now. She’s at home, making popcorn and watching movies or drawing in her room.

“I thank Breakthrough for that.”

Your financial support helps women like Tanya, and children like Mariam, on a critical, everyday basis.

*Name changed to protect client privacy