Violence Prevention Center

When Breakthrough’s Violence Prevention team responded to an incident on the intersection of Homan and Walnut, the landlord of a building on the corner took notice. She started to build a relationship with Breakthrough and offered us the space, free of charge. This year, the space became the Violence Prevention Center, the home of the Violence Prevention Initiative.

Breakthrough is a proud partner of Communities Partnering 4 Peace, a collaboration of eight leading outreach organizations convened by Metropolitan Family Services. With a comprehensive, hyper-local approach, CP4P aims to impact communities most affected by gun violence.

Breakthrough’s Violence Prevention Initiative interrupts violence in East Garfield Park by partnering with local residents, creating safe spaces, and connecting individuals to opportunities and resources, right from the corner of Homan and Walnut. When discussing the team’s work, Director of the Violence Prevention Initiative Damien Morris said, “Our intention through our violence prevention lens is to save a life by any means.” The opening of the Violence Prevention Center will further the capacity of the outreach team and provide greater connection to the community.

This story was featured in Breakthrough’s 2019 Annual Report.

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