Veterans Volunteer Initiative Breakthrough

Veterans Program Overview

Breakthrough’s Veterans Volunteer Initiative provides opportunities for veterans to engage in the East Garfield Park community as local leaders and mentors to youth. By providing meaningful volunteer opportunities that utilize veterans’ skills, the initiative visibly impacts the community and more than 15,000 residents each year.

Stipends and transportation assistance are offered for qualifying veterans.

About Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a nonprofit organization that partners with individuals and families to build connections, develop skills, and open doors of opportunity. With a hyper-local, 40-block focus in East Garfield Park, Breakthrough provides a myriad of services focused on a profoundly simple formula: people first.

Veteran Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Development

Weekday & Weekend Availability

Summer Studies Classroom Assistant for elementary age students, Monday through Friday, 9-3 p.m. (July 5–August 19).

Coach Home Court outdoor basketball league on Friday nights (July 1–August 19).


For more information and to get involved in our Veterans Volunteer Initiative, contact Gynger Garcia at

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