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Our New Executive Director

Yolanda Fields

Yolanda Fields is the Executive Director of Breakthrough and a committed and passionate non-profit and community leader. She started her 20-year career with the East Garfield Park-based organization as a volunteer in 2001, after seeking to make a positive impact following the events of September 11, 2001. Prior to joining Breakthrough, Yolanda spent 10 years leading teams at a major telecommunications company.

During her tenure at Breakthrough, Yolanda has led all of Breakthrough’s adult programs, which includes housing, homeless services, violence prevention, workforce development, behavioral health, and food access programs. Yolanda has walked alongside those experiencing homelessness and crisis, and her compassionate leadership has created a culture of dignity and respect for all.

Yolanda resides on the West Side of Chicago and is also the Director of Women’s Ministry at New Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, located in East Garfield Park. Yolanda is an integral board member of the Advocate Charitable Foundation, providing resources to organizations across the West Side.

Community Advocate

Yolanda lives in and is committed to the West Side of Chicago.

Seasoned Leader

Yolanda has been leading at Breakthrough for over 15 years.

Vision Shaper

Yolanda has been a key voice in shaping the vision and work of Breakthrough.

Our New Executive Director

Press Release

Please download and use this press release as you recognize and celebrate our new Executive Director, Yolanda Fields. Yolanda will become Breakthrough’s Executive Director effective April 1, 2021.

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Founder Arloa Sutter in Garfield Park Breakthrough Chicago

Breakthrough’s Founder and former Executive Director, Arloa Sutter, will continue to live in the East Garfield Park neighborhood and be part of the Breakthrough family.