We're All In

Through the All In Campaign, Breakthrough was able to mobilize our entire community of friends and supporters to make a greater impact in East Garfield Park through new program opportunities that will benefit residents for decades to come.

Thanks to generous supporters, we were able to meet our financial and strategic goals!

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We're All In

The All In Campaign is more than just a financial campaign. It’s a movement to go deeper into your purpose, commitment, and calling. Through the All In Campaign, Breakthrough is mobilizing our entire community of friends and supporters to make a greater impact in East Garfield Park through new program opportunities that will benefit residents for decades to come.

Our Goals

Provide Innovative and Robust Programming

We learned from our community how to grow and strengthen our existing programs.

  • Double capacity from 500 to 1,000+ students participating in education and youth development programming
  • Create opportunities for high school youth, including college and career tracks
  • Provide sustainable housing for families experiencing homelessness
  • Expand mental health initiatives and resources across the Breakthrough network
  • Implement a community-driven violence prevention strategy that prioritizes lived experience

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Expand and formalize community-wide enrichment initiatives

We have broadened our strategy to focus on the wellness of all of East Garfield Park. Programs will be available to the entire community.

  • Invest in local residents through employment services, financial empowerment, and relationship networks
  • Support bringing businesses and jobs to East Garfield Park through economic advocacy
  • Provide access and resources so that housing in East Garfield Park is available for long-time residents
  • Develop partnerships to support vulnerable young adults, age 18-24
  • Ensure the Bridge Cafe, rentals, and Fitness Center are successful and utilized as a community resource

Violence prevention team organizes block party with neigbors in East Garfield Park

Ensure well-equipped people and infrastructure

To do our work well, we need to invest in the people, processes, and infrastructure of Breakthrough.

  • Hire administrative staff to support programmatic growth
  • Invest in Breakthrough staff development and training
  • Share the Breakthrough story widely with others, strengthening strategic partnerships and supporters
  • Double the number of volunteers and increase volunteer satisfaction and retention


Create evidence-based, replicable framework

“Will you expand to other neighborhoods or cities?”

We are often asked about expansion of the Breakthrough model to other communities. We know we have a mission and framework that works, therefore, we will build and share a framework for Breakthrough’s success to share our knowledge and best practices to inspire other communities.

group of school kids walking into the Breakthrough FamilyPlex
We believe that pursuing these goals will help to create a safe, stable, engaged East Garfield Park


What we've accomplished already


Fulfilled the goal to double education and youth development participants. We are fully operational in our preschool and afterschool programs and are now serving nearly 1,000 students a year and it’s growing.

Expanded opportunities and access to mental health resources through increased staff and partnerships. Now everyone in the Breakthrough network has access to mental health support.


Strengthened infrastructure to support 145 Breakthrough staff and a new building, our violence prevention hub


Brought on and sustained a violence prevention team of more than 50 individuals, who not only respond to direct acts of violence in the community, but also provide support for victims and their families.

More Highlights

  • Purchased land for family housing complex. We hope to break ground in Summer 2022.
  • Piloted Economic Opportunity Center; The EOC is up and running with two new components - housing and small businesses development
  • Launched Breakthrough Beyond, a program for high school, college-bound, and career-focused students ages 14-24.

We're all in. Are you?

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